What is the Grace Anne Residence Club?

The resort is a private residence club nestled on the shores of world-renowned Lake of the Woods. The resort features 35 luxuriously furnished two- and three-bedroom residences complemented by hassle-free vacation ownership and a wealth of five-star concierge services and amenities.

Every residence overlooks our 70-slip marina, swimming pool, the Owners' Clubhouse and unending lake views.

The resort architecture combines the dramatic simplicity of contemporary design with authentic materials and an effortless flow of indoor and outdoor spaces. Modern luxury exists in perfect balance with a sense of authenticity and place.

Who is the team behind The Grace Anne Residence Club?

The Club is being developed by TCG Lake Ventures Corp. an affiliate of The Chia Group (TCG), a Winnipeg boutique private equity firm with investments in travel, tourism, hospitality and other industry segments. TCG companies take great pride in their attention to innovative products and services that provide value to their staff, their customers and their communities. TCG organizations also proudly contribute time and funds to various charitable organizations within Canada and around the world.

The architect is Sasa Radulovic. His Winnipeg firm, 5468769 Architecture leads a new wave of contemporary architecture. It has been described as "Canada's most exciting new architectural firm in a decade, one dedicated to applying design innovation to the humblest of tasks, a plains-born, good-humoured, resolutely resourceful verve for building modestly, but with elegance." The Houston-based Rice Design Alliance recently stated that they "truly believe 5468796 to be one of the most talented young design firms worldwide." Recipient of numerous prizes and honours, Radulovic represented Canada at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale. In 2013, he received the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada's Emerging Architectural Practice Award. The firm gained international recognition with its OMS Stage, located in Winnipeg's historic Exchange District. In 2014, 5468796 Architecture competed against top international firms, winning the Best Future Project prize at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore. In 2015, Radulovic and his two partners were included in The Top 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans. In 2017, Radulovic was bestowed fellowship by The College of Fellows of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

The interior designer is Vicki Pearson. Her Vancouver firm, Porada Design Group is focused solely on the hospitality industry. The Porada team has spent significant time working and traveling in Asia, Europe and North America. This has allowed them to gain a broader understanding of the world market and given them an understanding of global travelers. This affinity with the dynamics of travel enables them to integrate the experiential demands of the clientele in a meaningful way. Since inception in 2003, the firm's goal has been to strive for the highest standards of professionalism and service in the delivery of creative and innovative design. Their vision is to create memorable and sustainable interiors within an environment that is mutually enriching to our clients and the end user.

Where did the resort name come from?

The owner of the legendary Grace Anne II yacht is affiliated with the resort and the yacht will be relocated to the resort marina. The elegant 85-foot vessel has been impeccably restored to her classic 1931 beauty, complete with gleaming mahogany decks, cozy staterooms, Persian carpets and leaded glass. Guests are transported to another era when silverware, fine linens and white-gloved service were the unquestioned accoutrements on a wilderness excursion.

How often can my family stay at The Grace Anne Residence Club?

As a one-tenth Owner, you can use the resort five weeks per year ... two consecutive weeks in the summer and three non-consecutive weeks through the rest of the year. We have prepared a "99 year rotating use calendar". Under this plan, the first family to buy a fractional interest at the Grace Anne Residence Club can select their rotation before anyone else. Then the Owner's usage rotates forward on a pre-determined schedule every year.

How do I reserve my time at the Club?
Your time will be automatically booked in advance based on your pre-determined calendar rotation. All you need to do is arrive!

What happens if my schedule changes and I cannot use my weeks?

If you are unable to use the scheduled time, you may:

  • Send family, friends or colleagues
  • Exchange the use of your scheduled time through The Registry Collection network
  • Ask the Club Concierge to try to arrange a swap with another Owner
  • Ask the Club Concierge to place your time in the managed rental program

How is The Registry Collection associated with The Grace Anne Residence Club?

The Grace Anne Residence Club is one of only five exclusive Canadian resorts that are affiliated with RCI's luxury exchange brand, The Registry Collection/a>. Owners that become TRC members enjoy these benefits:

  • Ability to exchange use with 275+ luxury resorts in 40 countries
  • Access to lifestyle and travel companies that offer additional vacation experiences, including Adventures by Disney, PerryGolf, Yachtstore, Priority Pass and The Wyndham Grand Collection

What is fractional ownership and why is it so popular?

At The Grace Anne Residence Club, we have divided expensive vacation homes into fractional interests. Each purchaser receives a percentage of use relative to the fraction being purchased. Your purchase and maintenance costs are directly proportional to the time you are entitled to enjoy your vacation home.

Fractional ownership in a vacation home helps to guarantee future vacations at today's prices. Owners and future generations can enjoy a vacation home, year after year, for the lifetime of their ownership with only a one time purchase price and payment of yearly maintenance fees.

The concept isn't new. Friends, relatives and business partners have been pooling their resources to buy real estate and personal property for decades. You can purchase a fractional interest in almost any asset that you don't think you would use full time; including a yacht, private jet, motorhome, exotic car, art and even designer clothing.

Waterfront cottages with year-round land access in the Kenora-area can cost well over $1 million, so it is obvious why families are choosing to be part of fractional developments. At the Grace Anne Cottage Club, you can enjoy your dream vacation home without all of the expense, hassle or guilt of whole ownership.

How does fractional ownership differ from timeshare and destination clubs?

Timeshare buyers purchase an increment of time, typically one week, so each unit has 50 owners. Destination clubs typically offer memberships or shares in a corporation that owns or leases the vacation property and, in most cases, memberships cannot be re-sold.

Given that many timeshare structures and destination clubs do not offer fixed predetermined use rights, all 50 owners or members may be competing for peak times on a first-come/first-served basis.

At The Grace Anne Residence Club, each vacation home has a maximum of only 10 fractional owners. The use rights are granted on a preset "rotating calendar" so Owner's are never competing for time.

Why would a vacation home buyer consider fractional ownership?

Although many families dream of owning vacation property, either they can't afford the type of property they want or know that they would not use the property often enough to justify the expense of whole ownership. Fractional ownership provides a solution because each purchaser owns a fraction of a vacation home and carries only a fraction of the ongoing maintenance expenses. Purchasing a fractional interest enables you to own a more desirable vacation property than you might have been able to purchase as an individual.

You could find a property, convince nine of your friends to purchase it with you, hire a lawyer to prepare and register complex legal documents, organize a use calendar, get everyone to agree on décor, buy furnishings, arrange for insurance, ensure that the bills are always paid, hire a caretaker and hope for the best.

OR ... you could purchase your fractional interest in a vacation home at The Grace Anne Residence Club and begin spending carefree holidays with your family.

What about buying, financing and selling our fractional interest?

Each Grace Anne Residence Club Owner is purchasing a "fractional share condominium". Simply stated, this is a condo that each Owner may only use for a limited period of time – in this case, 5 weeks per year.

The ownership can be held in your name, your company's name, in a family trust or in your children's names to assist in estate planning.

You may buy more than one fractional interest if you want more frequent use of the resort. Some family groups consider the purchase of multiple fractional interests to be the perfect alternative to squabbling over the scheduling and maintenance tasks that come with a whole ownership family cottage.

Some Canadian lenders may finance the purchase of a fractional interest; however, this is rare. Purchasers typically pay cash or pay by using a line of credit.

You may sell your fractional interest to anyone. You set the price and are in control of the sale. You are also free to gift or bequeath your fractional interest. You do not have to involve any of the other fractional owners to do so.

Are there legal agreements to protect the fractional owners?

The Grace Anne Residence Club is governed by the Ontario Condominium Act and operated by legal agreements that remove virtually all ambiguity and questions. These documents assure each fractional owner of independent quiet enjoyment, legal control and property rights.

Here are a few examples of how your rights as an owner are protected:

  • The use of the recreational facilities and amenities and the common areas is protected.
  • The operation and management of the vacation residences are governed by a detailed property and use rights agreement and by well-defined rules and regulations.
  • The operation of the condo corporation is governed by detailed bylaws applicable to all Owners and enforceable against them.

Without these agreements, a group of fractional owners would effectively be operating on a handshake, with faith that everything will work out. This may work for friends and family (until there is a problem), but a handshake cannot be relied on for independent parties brought together as fractional owners.

What happens if a fractional owner doesn't fulfill his obligations?

Just like in any condominium, your fractional interest is never placed at risk by another fractional owner's default. The bylaws and other legal documents provide the condo corporation with the power to deal with defaults quickly and effectively. For example, the condo corporation can prevent a fractional owner from using the residence or any other portion of the resort if he is in default, and it can rent the defaulting fractional owner's time through the managed rental program to recover arrears.

Do Owners pay annual maintenance fees?

In keeping with The Grace Anne Residence Club's goal of providing hassle-free ownership, the Club staff handles all the details of operating and maintaining the resort. This cost, referred to as the annual maintenance fee, is reviewed and approved by the Owners, through their elected condominium board.

On behalf of the Owners, the resort's professional management team collects the maintenance fee from Owners and then manages payment of all administrative and accounting expenses, property taxes, utilities, insurance, staff salaries, supplies, materials, maintenance, repairs, trash and snow removal. A portion of the annual dues is allocated to a capital reserve fund for future replacement needs. The net revenue derived from the managed rental program is contributed back to reduce the annual assessments.

One of the best things about shared ownership at The Grace Anne Residence Club is that the maintenance fees are shared amongst all the Owners.

Can I rent my Residence on my own?

In order to ensure consistency and maintain standards set by management and the local health authority, all rentals must be arranged through the Club Concierge. Owner-direct rentals (AIRbnb, VRBO, etc.) are not allowed.

Will I always stay in the same residence?

Owners will not necessarily stay in the same residence each time. However, the Club Concierge will ensure you always feel at home by placing your stored personal items in the residence and pre-stocking your fridge and cupboards with your favourite goodies.

What if we want to spend more than our allocated time at the Club or friends and family want to join us?

Owners can make arrangements through the Club Concierge to rent additional residences on a space-available basis.

Do I have to clean my residence before I leave?

The use of a vacation home is far more enjoyable when it is consistently clean and orderly upon your arrival. And you don't want to have to spend the last day of your vacation cleaning or dealing with maintenance.

To ensure consistency in cleanliness, health code compliance and vacation experience, everyone who stays at the Grace Anne Residence Club is required to use the resort housekeeping service for their check-out cleaning. During your stay, the Club Concierge can also arrange additional housekeeping services for you.

Additional fees may be levied against the Owner if the residence is left in an unusually soiled state or if the smoking and pet rules have been violated.

Are pets and smoking allowed in our vacation home?

For the comfort of all Owners, smoking is not allowed within any area of the residence. Only certain residences are designated as pet friendly. There are rules and regulations related to the control of pets and cleaning up after pets.

Can we safely and securly store personal items at the resort?

There is no need to load up your car every time you come to the Grace Anne Residence Club. There is a secure, temperature-controlled area for storage of your personal non-perishable items. Each Owner is given a large plastic storage bin. The Club Concierge will arrange to have your bin placed in your vacation home prior to your arrival and moved back to the storage facility after your departure.

The Grace Anne Residence Club is affiliated with Two Bears Marina, Kenora's preeminent marina operation. Club Members will have direct access to discounted boat and snowmobile storage, moorage, maintenance and mechanical services.

What about damages?

The housekeeping staff will monitor the condition of the residences and inform the management when there is damage or missing items. Other than normal wear and tear to the residence and its contents, each Owner is responsible for the cost of any repairs and replacements required as a result of the use of the residence by that Owner or its guests.

When will we have to renovate and upgrade our home?

Consistent quality is important to maintaining high standards, rental rates and property value. Included in your annual maintenance fees is a mandatory contribution to a "replacement reserve fund" for upgrading and replacing furnishings, fixtures, equipment and appliances. The contribution is pooled among all residences.


These materials are not intended to be an offer to sell, or solicitation to buy a unit or a fraction of a unit ("Unit") in the condominium resort project ("Project"). Such an offering shall only be made pursuant to the Purchase Agreement to buy a Unit in the Project and no statements should be relied upon unless made in the applicable Purchase Agreement. In no event shall any solicitation, offer or sale of a Unit in the Project be made in, or to residents of, any province or country in which such activity would be unlawful. No real estate broker or salesperson is authorized to make any representations or other statements regarding this Project, and no agreements with, deposits paid to or other arrangements made with any real estate broker are or shall be binding on TCG Lake Ventures Corp. ("TCG").

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All improvements, designs and construction are subject to first obtaining the appropriate federal, provincial and local permits and approvals for same. All features listed for the property are representative only, and TCG reserves the right, without notice to or approval by the buyer, to make changes or substitutions for any features, materials and equipment which are included with a Unit. Interior photos may depict options and upgrades that are not representative of standard features and may not be available for all model types, and all depictions of furniture, appliances, counters, soffits, floor coverings and other matters of detail, including, without limitation, items of finish and decoration, are not necessarily included in each Unit. Furnishings and finishes are only included if and to the extent provided in the Purchase Agreement. No guarantees or representations whatsoever are made that existing or future views of the project and surrounding areas depicted by artist’s conceptual renderings or otherwise described herein, will be provided or, if provided, will be as depicted or described herein. Any view from any Unit or from other portions of the property may in the future be limited or eliminated by future development or forces of nature.

The photographs contained in this website may be stock photography or have been taken off-site and are used to depict the spirit of the lifestyle to be achieved rather than any that may exist or that may be proposed, and are merely intended as illustrations of the activities and concepts depicted therein.

No statements or representations have been made by TCG, or any of its agents, employees or representatives with respect to any potential for any future appreciation in value, investment opportunity potential, any rental income potential, the ability or willingness of TCG, or its affiliates, to assist any buyer in financing, renting (unless expressly provided for in a rental agreement) or selling a Unit, or the economic or tax benefits to be derived from the ownership of a Unit.

There is no guarantee that the managing entities, operators, or managers that may be referred to will be involved at, or following, the completion of the Project. TCG reserves the right to change any and all such managing entities, operators, or managers that may be referred to as TCG deems best for the Project in its sole and absolute discretion.

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